Annual general meeting video

Creating a video reel using motion graphics and imagery to showcase our new travel product
to the entire Telegraph staff at our annual general meeting.

Selected Works

Staff VideoProject type

ThanksProject type

Glossy BrochureProject type

January CampaignProject type

Campaigns - TitleProject type

Social VideosProject type

New Ads - PicProject type

SaleProject type

Photo 6Project type

Digital AdvertisingProject type

Paper AdsProject type

SupplementsProject type

Photo 5Project type

Photo 4Project type

Photo 3Project type

Photo 2Project type

Photo 1Project type

Photography TitleProject type

Style Guide - ImageProject type

Style Guide TitleProject type

New LogoProject type

Out with the oldProject type

Old AdvertisingProject type

Old LogoProject type

BackgroundProject type